Respectfully disagree. The projected boom fails to appreciate the arc of technology innovations that will:

(1) make driverless vehicles ubiquitous, (2) reward the most experienced anywhere in the world for doing more work for more companies (regardless of geography) and reduce opportunities for less than stellar performers, (3) continuously eliminate rote jobs in which creating and maintaining remarkable human connection/rapport are less than central, and more.

As a society, we keep failing to train the vast majority of the present generation of young people for the actual world they'll inherit; instead, we force them to invest countless hours preparing for careers and roles that will rarely exist.

With few exceptions, future careers will either require technology mastery or extraordinary people skills.

Higher percentages each year will become their own bosses and enjoy the inherent risks and rewards.

“Prayer without action is no prayer at all.” ~Mother Theresa

Every sadness, pain, suffering, and trauma experienced and witnessed — those closest to home, across the planet, or anyplace in between — is a reminder that our lives have purpose. …

Thank you, Lindsey, for speaking out. Society is changing. No one should continue to believe powerful men (or women) can behave badly without consequences. The courage of each of those who share their stories will pave the way to a better future.

One challenge is figuring out new rules everyone…

Alex Sangster’s contagious laughter and smile touched all who cared for him during his time in the Operation Sacred Trust Supportive Services for Veteran Families program for homeless military Veterans.

Army Veteran Alex Sangster, 64, was barely surviving under a bridge when COVID-19 hit South Florida.

I often wondered about the memories that kept Mr. Sangster alive during the long days and nights he spent living under that bridge.

He’d served his nation at home and abroad during the final…

homeless veteran
Buford James Kelly at the hotel in Fort Lauderdale, December 2020.

He was good with boats.

Buford James Kelly wanted his Operation Sacred Trust Care Manager to know that when he reached our agency in May for an intake that he hoped would end the life of homelessness he’d come to know after his marriage broke-up and he’d left the marital…

Many military families struggle to access help that could save lives. Your voice can make a difference.

For veteran and military families, relationship breakdown is among the most frequent contributors to homelessness and suicide. Help that could make a difference is often difficult to access.

“If you are in pain, I think I should be able to fix it. I don’t know how or can’t fix it, so I feel guilty and inadequate. I can’t stand feeling that way, so I withdraw and distance myself from you, maybe even blame you, for being in pain.”

Seth Eisenberg

Seth Eisenberg is President/CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation and Co-Founder of the Operation Sacred Trust program for ending Veteran homelessness.

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