We are the answer to prayer

“Prayer without action is no prayer at all.” ~Mother Theresa

Every sadness, pain, suffering, and trauma experienced and witnessed — those closest to home, across the planet, or anyplace in between — is a reminder that our lives have purpose. They are life and generation altering experiences that stir the urgency to action that may lay dormant within the smallest molecules woven through the tiniest invisible cells of the infinite shared humanity that connects all people.

Each priceless resource we are given is available to those awakened yearnings: eyes that can see and witness; ears that can not just listen, but hear; noses that breathe, smell and sense; mouths that can speak to help, heal, inform or inspire; hands that can shape, write, connect, build or defend; arms that can embrace or distance; legs that can stand firmly in place or travel to where we are needed at any given moment; feet that can dig in, turn, adjust or mobilize; an army of sensory resources that can experience awe, empathy, compassion and love; and minds that can learn, remember, contemplate, analyze, strategize, adapt, and direct our abundant abilities to action.

Seth Eisenberg is President/CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation and Co-Founder of the Operation Sacred Trust program for ending Veteran homelessness.

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